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Christmas tree

The last minute ways to save on Christmas

The best way to be #XmasReady is to plan as far in advance as you can, but there are a few ways you can grab a last minute bargain just days before Christmas.

We’ve been sharing our tips and advice to help you stay on budget and still have a fantastic festive season since September. By now you’ll hopefully have covered most of the key expenses listed in our Christmas money planner, but if you’ve a few odds and ends to get you might be able to get them for a lot less than full price.

Even if you can’t use or don’t need them for this year, it’s the perfect time to think about some of the things you will need next year.

We’ve five things to look out for as shops begin to clear out their seasonal stock.

Reduced food

It can be a risk to leave your turkey to the last minute, but since most supermarkets will be shutting shop early on Christmas Eve and not opening until Boxing Day, if not later, then you should be able to snap up some decent yellow sticker bargains.

Though the festive food will probably have the biggest reductions, all sorts of food should be available, as long as stock is left.

There’s even time to eat up anything in the freezer to make some space for anything you do buy – though leave room for any leftovers from Christmas dinner.

Late presents in the sales

Still need to get a gift? Well those Boxing Day/January sales are beginning earlier and earlier each year, meaning you could get more for your money by leaving it really, really late.

You will have to deal with incredibly busy shops though!

Lights and decorations

Your tree is probably already up, but if you’re someone who likes to add a decoration or two each year, you can pick up this season’s baubles in the sales.

And if the bulbs are beginning to go on your fairy lights, or if you’ve always fancied a lit up reindeer for the garden, you can now buy them cut price, and still enjoy them for a few weeks.

Train tickets

Ideally you’ll have bought advance train tickets as soon as they went on sale, usually 12 weeks ahead of the journey date. But if you didn’t, and you still need to get one for your travel between Christmas and New Year, buying even the day before should get you a discount compared to buying on the day you travel.

Wrapping paper and cards

You might have already given out a handful of gifts, but most will probably be exchanged on Christmas Day – which means you can leave your wrapping a few days and wait until there are rolls for as little as 10p.

It's almost too late to send out cards now but you’ll see them reduced already. If you spot any you like, nab them for next year.

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