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The truth behind our credit card spending

A new report from the government's financial regulator has looked at the UK's credit card industry. What does it tell us about how we manage the money we put on plastic?

The Credit Card Market Study by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a major look at how we use, choose and pay back our credit cards. We've looked through the report to find the secrets hiding in our statements - and you can read them in our charticle below.

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  • A T W / 6 December 2015

    Use cash, its a lot harder to give away than just flashing the plastic. When You acutally come to handing over hard earned cash it makes You think twice.

  • Chris Appleby / 6 December 2015

    I'm a pensioner. I use a credit card as much as possible for rewards, I've set up a direct debit to clear my card debt each month. I live frugally, run a car and can still save.

  • ChrisVan Emmenis / 6 December 2015

    I use my CC to work for me. I chose a cash back CC, so I use it wherever and whenever I can. And when my bill comes in and see how much I save, I know that's money in the bank because I then pay off the lot. I no longer have debt in my life, ever since almost loosing a car I struggled to keep up payment on. Then the finance co put so much pressure on me, I eventually found a new job and paid it off sooner than they wanted me too. That was 35 years ago and it taught me a life lessen. Apart from my mortgage, I owe nothing to no one. :0)

  • Michael fitzpatrick / 6 December 2015

    I manage 7 credit cards most with %
    Purchases. This is a great way to have a lot of money available for special purchases. However the most important thing is to pay every month as much as you easily can. % purchases allow you to spread the more costly items and this is great but you should pay off all you can easily afford every month anyway.

  • Ellie Green / 29 November 2015

    I always pay off the money every month by DD and just use the card a) to get 'points' I can spend in store, and b) to monitor evey month and so year what I'm spending my money on. But I'm fortunate to have more income than outgoings.

  • Julie Page / 29 November 2015

    Safe, sound and trustworthy advice that is written in plain English

  • Christopher Williams / 29 November 2015

    I have to admit I always have the best of intensions when I take out a card, but I always spend too much. Usually when I go out for an evening and I'm nearly broke - I go out on the card. There is also unexpected birthdays and the temptation for online shopping. One thing I can think of to cut down online shopping is to stop all those "in your face" emails from online sites. I found myself having to delete a dozen a day before I unsubscribed therm all. So that's my honest views and experience - does anyone else do the same☺?