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Three sure bets for some quick cash

This weekend is one of Britain’s biggest for sport - but you don't have to gamble to get some quick cash.

Two institutions – the Grand National and the Boat Race - are taking place on Saturday, alongside the Masters golf, full football fixtures, a Grand Prix, Test cricket and more. You might be tempted to take a flutter on the results of one or two, but there are easier ways to guarantee some extra income.

The Money Advice Service’s new Quick Cash Finder tool can help you work out where you are regularly spending money, and calculates how much extra cash you could have if you cut back.

Here are our top three big wins

1. Save on subscriptions

Have you signed up to a film and TV streaming service? £7 a month for one might not sound much, but that adds up to £84 in a year. Have two of them and that’s £168.

Are there months where you hardly have time to watch anything? With the weather getting better and days getting longer, will you be watching less? If the answer is yes to either, consider cancelling and using free alternatives like iPlayer.

The same goes for magazines, gym memberships and other monthly costs.

2. Pack your own lunch

It’s easy to spend a fiver at lunch – sometimes more. If you’re buying out every day at work, whether it’s a meal deal or a hot plate, you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. £5 a day in a working year adds up to £1,150!

Even just halving your spend would net you a handy £575.

3. Ditch the takeaway

If you’re getting a take-out every week, you’re probably spending £10 to £15 each time. Over 12 months, that’s between £120 and £180. Even just cutting down to one every fortnight will put an extra £60 to £90 in your pocket!

Try the Quick Cash Finder yourself to instantly find out what money you could save.


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  • Amie / 14 April 2015

    Weekly take away is closer to £500 a year :) yikes