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Use your spring clean to make extra cash

It’s officially spring! With the Spring Equinox taking place tonight, it could be a cue to give your home a thorough once over. And while you’re clearing the clutter why not see if you can boost your income at the same time?

If you’ve been in the same place for a fair few years, you’ve no doubt accumulated more belongings than you really need. And if you’re a bit of a hoarder there’s probably a decent amount of junk you never use.

So as you sort out your cupboards, garages, lofts and all those nooks and crannies, have an eye out for anything that you don’t need anymore. There are three main categories that could be taken out of storage: unused items, unwanted items and unusable items – and they could all be sold.

Unused items

From spiralizers to speakers, homes are full of gadgets which are never, ever used. Add to this category any clothes which you never wear, books you never read and DVDs you never watch.

A good rule to follow is to apply a time period and think if you’ve used something in that time. So if you’ve got a pair of shoes that haven’t left a box in a year, are you likely to actually wear them again?

Unwanted items

Different to unused items, the unwanted items you should look for are often gifts you’ve been given that, putting it delicately, haven’t been to your taste. So they go in a drawer. And they stay there.

But just because you don’t like the picture frame or jumper you got from granny at Christmas, it doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for someone else – and they’ll be willing to pay you for it.

Unusable items

Broken electronics, missing parts - even if you think it’s junk, it might be just what someone else needs. Be honest about what is wrong with the item if you’re listing it online, but people often buy the seemingly unusable.

Where to sell it

You’ve a few options.

Online auctions sites like eBay are the most common and easy to use. You do need to watch out for fees, and make sure you charge enough to cover postage.

Facebook also now has its own marketplace, while many people set up local groups – particularly useful for large items such as furniture.

Other popular online selling sites include Gumtree which is essentially classified ads.

You can take items to boot fairs, though if you’ve anything rare, collectable or high value you might be better off selling online or taking to an expert or dealer.

Some items, like old mobile phones or games consoles might reach a decent price on specialist recycling websites.

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