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Valentines Day cards

Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate or a day to ignore?

Valentine’s Day is here again, and if you’re in a relationship, the question of whether you celebrate it or not – and if so, how – is bound to come up.

A full-on V-Day doesn’t come cheap though, and stats from the ONS reveal money worries are the main factor that puts a strain on a relationship (62% of people aged 16 and over in the UK in 2014).

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

When we asked members of our online community, Tell MA, many people told us they view Valentine’s Day as a commercial, money-making gimmick. Or they might choose to celebrate their love throughout the year, rather than focusing on one day.  

Of those that do celebrate it, most would prefer to do it without spending a fortune. Many chose a special home cooked meal over going out, or staying in and watching a film.

If you are looking to save some cash this year, you could try being creative with your gestures. Here are some Tell Ma ideas - 

  • Write an old-fashioned love letter or if you’re at a loss for words write out a romantic poem.
  • A dinner for two prepared by you.
  • A single red rose instead of a bunch of flowers.

Money worries – why you should talk about them

In our recent survey, we discovered the average couple has 39 arguments about money per year. 

Nearly a third of UK adults (30%) have been with a partner they later found out was in serious debt. One in five (18%) admitted they have hidden their own debts from their partner.

Money worries can be difficult to talk about, but taking the time to talk about them can save heartache down the road.



Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day or do you think it’s a gimmick? If you do celebrate it, do you have any tips for keeping the costs low?

What do you think?

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  • Cathy / 20 February 2015

    There is a tree in our garden which, every February is surrounded by snowdrops, loads of them. These started out as a little flowerpot planted with about 5 snowdrop bulbs which my partner bought me for Valentine's Day about 12 years ago, instead of an expensive bunch of flowers. I think they cost about £2. I planted them outside & they have increased every year to provide snowdrops which have been in flower every Valentine's Day since then. A £20 bouquet of flowers would have died & gone in the compost bin after a week. Little thoughtful gifts are what counts.

  • Irina / 13 February 2015

    This is the most beautiful day of the year! My partner and I usually splash out, but I think this year I will suggest cooking a meal together (whilst kissing and cuddling lol).