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Weddings: how to cut the cost of getting married

If you’re planning your wedding you’ll no doubt have been shocked by how expensive everything is. It can seem just adding the “W” word makes prices rocket.

It’s easy to get carried away to make the day as special as it can be, but don’t let your “dream” day drag you into debt. 

We’ve got some top tips that will get you to the church on time, and on budget.

Don’t go for the first place you see

Shopping around, comparing quotes and haggling will hopefully get you everything for less.

Only have what you can afford

It’s easy to be swept away with little extras. Focus on the essentials, then see what else can fit in your budget. 

Though it can be tough, you’ll find being strict on the invite list is where you’ll make the most savings. If your budget only allows 50 guests, then stick to it.

Change the day you get married

If you choose an unusual day, venues are often cheaper. Getting married on a Friday or Sunday are typically less expensive than a Saturday, and cheaper still if you book midweek. Winter weddings tend to be less expensive than peak summer ones. 

You may also be able to negotiate discounts with photographers, florists, DJs and caterers, at less popular times of year.

Break with tradition

You don’t need a formal sit down wedding breakfast. Barbecues, buffets and hog roasts can all help cut the cost of catering for a crowd. 

Ask your family and friends to help

See if talented family and friends can help out, potentially as an alternative to a wedding present. Could they make the wedding cake, or ice a supermarket version? Is anyone willing to make dresses for the bridesmaids? Do you have friends who could wield a video camera, help decorate the reception room, make favours or put together a playlist?

Save on your wedding dress

You do not have to spend a fortune if you search for a wedding dress in sample sales, vintage shops or high street stores such as Monsoon, Coast, Debenhams or BHS. The same goes for your bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party.

Help with the honeymoon

If you already have a toaster and plenty of towels, you might consider asking guests for contributions towards your honeymoon rather than traditional wedding presents.

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