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Why your job title is key for car insurance

When you’re completing an online car insurance application, one question is about your job title. Choose well and it could bring down the cost of your policy, but get it wrong and it could invalidate your insurance. And that’s if you can even find something close to what you do. Here’s what you need to consider, plus a few of the weirdest options. Chicken chaser anyone?

It can be a frustrating experience searching for your occupation when applying for car insurance. It’s not always easy to find what you do, with many of us having to select a broad job title that feels closest to what we do.

How the right option can save you money

However, some can save by choosing between similar job roles.

For example, as well as a Nurse, you could choose from one of a dozen or so other options such as Assistant Nurse, Community Nurse or Staff Nurse. You might find the price quoted varies between each of them.

The best way to do this is to save a quote and make a note of the prices offered to you. Then edit the quote and change the job title. Make sure you are comparing like with like, especially if you are using a price comparison site.

A word of warning, it’s very important to make sure you don’t lie on your application. The job title must still reflect what you do.  The insurer can reject claims if it feels your job description isn’t accurate. 

New job? It could invalidate your car insurance

Once you settle on something as close as you can to what you do it’s likely you don’t think about it again.

Yet new research has found six in ten drivers are potentially driving without valid car insurance thanks to a promotion or career change, according to uSwitch.

Many insurers require you to let them know if your job changes, and that can come with a fee, on average £22. If you don’t let them know, and you need to put in a claim, you could find your policy is invalid.

The weirdest job titles on car insurance quotes

While for some jobs your choice is limited, there are also some that are niche, overly specific or downright odd. Here are some which will make you scratch your head.

The “that’s not a real job” job titles

These are genuine job titles available to you when choosing your car insurance, so they must be real jobs too. Mustn’t they?

Chicken Chaser

Someone’s got to catch them. Obviously.

Pig Man

Not half man, half pig. Not a superhero. We’re pretty sure it’s just someone who works with pigs.

The “isn’t that just a bit specific?” job titles

At some point these must have been popular enough occupations to require their own break away job title.

Rose Grower

Bizarrely you can only specify that you grow roses. Tulip grower? Tough luck! Anything else will have to go under gardener or plant breeder.

Packaging consultant

The other consultancy job you can pick are pretty broad: IT, Health & Safety, Pensions and Security are just some. There’s also a standard “consultant”. So having a Packaging Consultant category feels very niche.

The “what did you say?” job titles

I have never heard of these job titles before. But they exist. Or at least just about. Companion and Credit Draper have both been removed from lists in the last year.


Someone who loves people called Steve for a living? Nope. They’re dock workers who load and unload ships. Like Tommy in Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer.


They looks after horses left at an inn. For when you go to an inn. With horses.

The “there can’t be much call for them nowadays” job title

Chimney Sweep

Yes there are still chimneys that need cleaning, and sweeping still seems the way to do it. Though high tech kits have replaced Dickensian child labour.

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