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Christmas present

You’ve 12 weeks to get #XmasReady

Even though it’s the start of October, turkey sandwiches and festive jumpers are already on the high street. Which means Christmas is just around the corner.

It might seem too early to start thinking about your plans for December 25, but with just under 12 weeks left until the big day you’ll want to get with it if you want your finances to be #XmasReady.

The #XmasReady challenge

Our challenge to you is to think ahead and only buy what you can afford so you don’t begin the new year with money worries.

To help, we’ll be sharing how you can make sure you don’t overspend on your presents, food and having fun.

It’s not about being a Scrooge and not spending. Instead it’s really about thinking how you’ll plan your Christmas over the next three months – and not leaving it to the last minute!


Getting started

This week I sat down with Christmas fanatic Sandrine Gauslin and Caroline Hamilton, the Money Advice Service's debt expert. We discussed some of the ways you can make sure you can afford Christmas and you can watch the chat in the video below

Counting down the days

You'll also be able to get more tips to help you over the next 12 weeks here on the Your Money Advice blog. Come back or follow #XmasReady on Twitter to learn about ways to save on food, presents and much more in the run up to the festive period.

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  • Milan / 29 November 2017

    Please i nedd borow another 400 pound for christmas please help me

  • chris / 22 November 2017

    It wont load

  • stephanie barker / 8 November 2017

    it gets me how can you be ready for xmas with no money toy buy your son anything ive been through so much these past couple of months i was identity fraud and losts alot of money and naw not alot of money to pay for xmas im not looking for charity just a little loan to by my son stuff

  • Hayley Joanna Perkins / 27 October 2017

    I need a loan of £700 & I can pay it back at£250 a month over a 4 months can you please help me I need to a company that did a pip clan for me and they asking for £400 and iv only ten days to pay them that and I o sse £200 and the rest of the loan if I can get one from you will go to on Xmas shopping

  • wendydonaghey / 14 October 2016

    Ive had six children would do it all again stil paying debt off if nt xmas it was birthdays .this year have my daughter 16 on xmas wish me luck

  • Dr Quant / 13 October 2016

    People with BIG money problems? The last thing they want to see is Christmas in October! Especially as in-your-face as on here,
    as for the rest, how patronising can one get. Is this supposed to be for adults, or is it a game for children?