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Debt advice evaluation toolkit

In partnership with key organisations in the sector, we have developed an evaluation framework which is now available for all debt advice organisations to use. It measures the effectiveness of a debt advice service against 15 client outcomes across all channel types (face-to-face, telephone and online).

15 client outcomes

Recognising and framing debt problems 1 The client got the advice or information they wanted
  2 The client is aware of the possible different ways of dealing with their debt problem
  3 The client better understands that debtors and creditors have rights and obligations and has some idea what these are
Action to resolve debt problems 4 The client has a clear idea about the steps required to try and sort out their debt problems
  5 The client takes the steps they should to sort out their debt problems
  6 If a referral is made, the client follows it up and receives help from another organisation
Money Management 7 The client increases their household income
  8 The client is able to plan how they use their money and sticks to the plan
  9 The client reduces their outgoing
  10 The client pays priority bills first before non-priority (such as consumer credit)
Towards debt resolution 11 The client’s financial situation is brought under control
  12 The client knows to review their situation if their circumstances change
  13 The client’s outstanding debt is reducing
  14 The client has appropriate contact with his/her creditors
  15 The client’s wellbeing improves

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We have developed a toolkit to help make measuring against the evaluation framework outcomes straightforward. Agree to our terms and conditions below to access the debt advice evaluation toolkit.

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