Automatic enrolment if you're above State Pension age

If you’re over the State Pension age, you won’t be automatically enrolled by your employer into a workplace pension. You do still have the right to opt in up to age 74 (depending on your earnings), but from age 75 the tax benefits of pension savings stop.

How to find your State Pension age

Use the State Pension calculator on the GOV.UK websiteopens in new window to work out your State Pension age.

If you’re between State Pension age and 74

If you’ve reached State Pension age, you won’t be automatically enrolled into your employer’s workplace pension scheme.

However, provided you earn £6,240 or more a year (tax year 2021/22), you have the right to opt in to the scheme.

If you opt in, your employer will have to contribute to your pension in the same way as for anyone who’s been automatically enrolled.

If you earn less than £6,240 you won’t automatically be enrolled, but your employer has to give you access to a pension to save into if you ask them to, and has to make arrangements for you to join.

However, they are not required to contribute to it.

If you’re 75 or over

Automatic enrolment does not apply to workers aged 75 or over. The tax benefits of saving into a pension scheme stop at age 75.

However, there are other options for your money, which you can read about in the Saving and investing section of our website.

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