Taxes and employment changes after Brexit

The United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU) might have an impact on your tax and employment. Here’s what you need to do if any of these changes affect you.

Could I be taxed twice on my income after Brexit if I work abroad, either as a UK national working in the EU or an EU national working in the UK?

UK leaves with a deal or no deal

Regardless of how the UK leaves the EU, bilateral agreements with all EU member states for the elimination of double taxation will continue to apply as they do now.

These agreements allocate taxing rights between countries and eliminate double taxation by ensuring that either only one country can tax employment income or, where both countries have taxing rights, that the country in which you live will give relief for the tax paid in the country where you work.

The UK’s exit from the EU will not change existing double taxation arrangements, which it has with all EU countries.

Will my liability to Inheritance Tax be impacted by Brexit?

UK leaves with a deal or no deal

No. Inheritance Tax will not be affected, regardless of how the UK leaves the EU.

Inheritance tax is charged on transfers of worldwide assets by people domiciled in the UK, and transfers of UK assets by people not living in the UK.

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