Review insurance for your home and possessions on separation

If you’re moving to a new home after you and your ex-partner have split up or your ex-partner is moving out, you may need to change your existing insurance or buy a new policy. You may also have to review or buy car or pet insurance. Make sure you get the right cover at the best price.

Removing your ex-partner from your policy

If you need to remove your ex-partner’s name from your home insurance policy or you need to come off theirs, your insurance company will want to know you both agree to this.

Working out the insurance you need

As part of your split, you may take over the house or a tenancy agreement. Or you may buy a car when previously you owned one with your ex-partner. It’s likely that you’ll need different or additional insurance cover.


  1. Draw up a list of things you own, such as your home (unless it’s rented), possessions you have in your home, car, pets and gadgets
  2. Check if you already have insurance for these and if so, whether it’s the right level of cover. If you don’t have insurance, consider whether you need it
  3. Shop around for the right policy
  4. Budget for the costs of extra insurance you might need

Use our Budget planner.

Arranging buildings insurance

You will need both buildings and contents insurance if you own your home (except for leasehold flats). With leasehold flats, the landlord will normally arrange buildings insurance. Buildings insurance is designed to pay out if your home is damaged by something like a flood, a fire or a storm.

If you are taking out insurance on your home, make sure you shop around for the best policy. Don’t just choose the cheapest one, but make sure it will provide the cover you need for where you live.

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Arranging contents insurance

Whether you own or rent your property, you will need contents insurance. If you need buildings insurance as well, you can buy combined buildings and contents policies.

If you don’t need buildings insurance, you can buy contents-only cover. This will pay out if your possessions are stolen from your home or damaged by a fire or flood, for example.

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Insuring your car

If you’ve been a named driver on your ex-partner’s car insurance, you may find you don’t have a ‘no-claims’ discount in your own right. This is a discount off the full price of insurance which you earn for every year you don’t make a claim.

If you don’t have a no-claims discount you may find it hard to get a quote for car insurance from some companies, and where you can get a quote, the premiums are likely to be higher.

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Insuring your pet

Caring for a pet can be expensive and you may think insurance is a luxury you can do without when you’re dealing with other pressures of separation. But – before you make up your mind – think about how you would pay a vet’s bill if your pet was to become ill or have an accident.

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If you decide to buy pet insurance, it’s worth knowing that policies can vary widely. Some pay out for a limited time while others will pay out for ongoing conditions (such as arthritis or diabetes).

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Insuring your gadgets

If you have an expensive mobile phone, tablet computer or laptop, you may want to take out insurance in case you lose them, they are stolen or they get damaged.

Check your home insurance cover first, as this may insure gadgets you own. If not, you may want to buy standalone cover. But make sure you check the policy information so you know when the policy will pay out.

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