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We’ve become more comfortable talking about our beliefs and love lives than money which is still often seen as a no-go subject. Not talking about money can cause problems, as every single aspect of our lives is affected by our finances in some way or another. Use our guides to break down those barriers and talk to your friends, partner, older relatives and children about money.

Talking to friends about money

You typically don’t live with your friends, so if you want to see them, you generally make an occasion of it - such as a trip to the pub, lunch, or a playdate etc.

And with friends come weddings, birthday parties, housewarmings, and other celebrations - which can be costly after you’ve covered presents, booze and food. There is always money to be spent.

It can be difficult to tell your friends you can’t afford to live it up every night but there are always ways to cut down and still see your mates.

Use our Talking to friends about money guide to get the conversation started.

Talking to older people about money

According to Independent Age, while 82% of people think it’s important to talk to an older relative about where they would like to live if they could no longer live at home, just 23% of people have actually discussed this with their loved ones.

Read our guide on how to talk to older people about long-term care, power of attorney and talking with your siblings about your older relatives.

Talking with a partner about money

You share your life with your partner, but not necessarily the truth about your finances.

According to Relate, one in three people say that support when talking to their partner about debt and finances would benefit them, so we’ve brought together a range of tips to help you.

Read our guide on how to open that conversation with your partner.

Talking with children about money

Whether your child is six or 60, it’s important that they are financially savvy and independent. It’s a fine line between helping them out and doing so much for them that they can’t look after their own finances when they need to.

You can have a big impact - they learn from what you say, do, and teach them about money. There are lots of simple things parents can do to help your children be prepared to manage money later in life.

Use our guide on how to talk to children about money to help.

How to talk about money

If you need to talk to someone about money but aren’t sure how it will go, this guide will help you get started, including tips on how to get a good outcome, share money goals and what to do if you think the conversation may be tricky or it doesn’t go as planned.

How to talk about money

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