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What to do now your debt management plan has stopped

Now that your debt management plan has stopped you may be wondering what to do.

There’s no need to worry. We can help you get free debt advice now so you can keep up with the good work you’ve already done to take control of your debts and make sure your repayments stay on track.

We’ve partnered with StepChange Debt Charity and Citizens Advice to make sure that you can receive the support and information that you need.

StepChange Debt Charity will help you look at all your options and check that staying in a debt management plan is still the right thing for you. If it is, they’ll help you set one up for free, so you could be debt free sooner than you’d planned.

Or you can chat online with an adviser from Citizens Advice who will be able to help you decide what to do next.

Act quickly to manage your debts

It’s really important to talk to an expert debt adviser about your situation as soon as you can. The people you owe money to should be sympathetic if you act quickly. If you don’t, things could get worse and you may end up deeper in debt.

Both StepChange Debt Charity and Citizens Advice provide confidential, impartial and high-quality advice.

They will understand the situation you’re in and they give expert debt advice to hundreds of thousands of people every year.

For more information read our Frequently Asked Questions

Get free advice

Both StepChange Debt Charity and Citizens Advice can give you the help you need wherever you live in the UK.


Get impartial debt advice on what to do next from the leading charity provider of free debt management plans.

Get free online help 24 hours a day with their anonymous Debt Remedy advice tool, or call their helpline to talk to an expert adviser. Either way, you’ll get a personal action plan that will recommend a debt solution tailored to your situation.

Go to StepChange Debt Charity website
Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice offers free, independent and confidential debt advice through their Adviceguide website.

Chat with a debt adviser online for help with working out what to do next.

Chat online with an adviser

Which firms are affected?

In light of the FCA authorisations process, the following firms are no longer able to offer debt management plans

Some firms that were providing Debt Management Plans may have sold their client list to another company. If you want to be sure that the firm you are working with is still authorised by the FCA check the Consumer Credit Register.

  • Aaron Cooper
  • Abbey Taylor Limited
  • Aequitas Financial LLP
  • Alexander Barclay
  • Alpha Debt Management Ltd
  • Ashley Park Financial Solutions
  • Assured Money Solutions Limited
  • Barrister Lloyd Debt Solutions Ltd
  • Belmont Financial Management Consultants Limited
  • Best 4 Loans
  • Big t Media Ltd
  • Carefree Group Limited
  • Chatsworth Woodbine Limited
  • Christopher Dillon Inspired Solutions
  • Christopher John Bridgwater
  • Churchwood Financial Limited
  • CL Perry
  • Clear the Debt Limited
  • Collect Services Limited
  • Conclusive Financial Limited
  • Countrywide Debt Collections LTD
  • Credit-Hero Ltd
  • Cross Keys Estates
  • Crystal Clear Finance Ltd
  • David A Williams t/a Debts Maze Solutions
  • David Hodkinson
  • Debt Care Management Limited
  • Debt Clever
  • Debt Clever Limited
  • Debt Clever Financial Management Limited
  • Debt Lifeline Limited
  • Debt Organised Ltd
  • Debt Resolve
  • Debt Solutions 4 U UK Ltd
  • Debt Solutions Direct Ltd
  • Debt Specialist Centre Limited
  • Debtaid Limited
  • DebtFree Haven Limited
  • debtstream limited
  • Dr Lincoln Advice Centre Ltd
  • Elite Debt Solutions Ltd
  • Enable Money Solutions
  • Express Debt Solutions
  • Fairline Financial Limited
  • Fidelitas Group Limited
  • Financial Vision Partnership Limited
  • First Credit Advice Limited
  • Flairford Securities Ltd
  • Gemstone Financial Management Ltd
  • Guardian Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Hashim Sharif
  • Helen Shakespeare
  • Ideal Money Solutions Ltd
  • Incentive Financial Ltd
  • Ingleton Chambers Ltd
  • Ironbridge (Money Management) Ltd
  • IS Business House
  • I-Sm@art Consumer Services Ltd
  • John Harold Brooks
  • Kensington Financial Management Consultants Limited
  • Linda Carole Stuart
  • Mohammed Sharif Miah
  • Money & Debt Consultancy
  • Money & More Limited
  • Money Claims UK Limited
  • Money Clinic Debt Management Limited
  • Money Enterprises Limited t/a Island Debt Management
  • Money Junction Limited
  • Money Matcher Limited
  • Money Matters Action Cic
  • Moorhead Savage Limited
  • Munro Hamer and Pursaill Accountants Ltd
  • My Debt Lifeline UK Ltd
  • N and G (South East) Limited
  • NM Solution Limited
  • One Credit Key Lmited
  • One-Call Debt Solutions Limited
  • Paul Christopher Richmond
  • Paul Fouzi Ayob Johns
  • PDHL Limited
  • Phoenix Company Consultants North Ltd
  • Positive Steps Debt Assistance
  • Promise Debt solutions Limited
  • Promise Financial Solutions UK Limited
  • Quickly Finance Limited
  • R M R Financial Services t/a Compass Debt Counsellors
  • Robert Monks
  • Sage Independent Advisers Ltd
  • Simple Financial
  • Smart Debt Ltd
  • Smart UK Solutions Limited
  • Southern Tree Limited
  • Sterling Trust UK
  • Swift Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Temple Finance Services ltd
  • The Insolvency Advisory Service Limited
  • Total Money Solutions Limited
  • Twinpier Publishing Limited
  • Valour Financial Management
  • Victorstone Limited
  • WhiteWater Debt Management Limited
  • Wilson Field Limited

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