When someone dies

Learn how to deal with money after a death, from paying for the funeral to looking after the paperwork and household bills.

  1. What to do when someone dies
  2. How much does a funeral cost?
  3. Help paying for a funeral
  4. What to do when someone dies and leaves a will
  5. Sorting out the estate when there isn’t a will
  6. When to use a probate solicitor or specialist
  7. Calculating and paying tax after someone dies
  8. What to do about someone’s pension when they've died
  9. Dealing with the debts of someone who has died
  10. Dealing with finances and insurance after your partner dies
  11. Claiming bereavement support payment and other benefits
  12. What to do with inheritance money?
  13. If you have a late miscarriage
  14. If your baby is stillborn
  15. If your baby has died shortly after birth
  16. Arranging a funeral yourself (without a funeral director)