Levels of Over-Indebtedness in the UK

Understanding your client is crucial to providing good debt advice – to advise on debt prioritisation you need to understand what is owed to whom, to maximise income you have to understand family composition, and to support decisions around different debt solutions you need to understand housing tenure.

To commission debt advice services effectively, you need to know, at a population level, what the characteristics of over-indebted people are and where they can be found.

With colleagues at CACI, MAS designed and refined a model for estimating the probability that an individual is over-indebted. By applying this model across the entire population, we produced a detailed picture of how over-indebtedness varies across the UK.

This unprecedented work was first published in March 2016 and breaks new ground in our understanding of what risk factors predict over-indebtedness.

The model was updated and published in September 2017. The latest data can be viewed at the website below, where detail on over-indebtedness can be filtered by country, region, local authority and parliamentary constituency.

View our detailed map of over-indebtedness in the UK

The full reports, detailing the characteristics of over-indebtedness and the methodology behind the research, can be downloaded below.

View the technical report on the levels of over-indebtedness in the UK 2017

Detailed characteristics and infographics from the seminal analysis in 2015