A strategic approach to debt advice commissioning 2018-2023

The Money Advice Service has published A strategic approach to debt advice commissioning 2018–2023

This five-year strategy sets out our fresh approach to commissioning free to client debt advice services, outlining a challenging and exciting plan to deliver better outcomes for the UK’s over-indebted population. A key focus of the strategy is delivering to those who are most in need. We will focus on three cross cutting characteristics shared by many people across the over-indebted population:

· having dependent children,

· having a low household income; and

· experiencing mental ill health.

Our aim is that the most financially vulnerable groups and those most under-served will be targeted more clearly going forward, benefitting from easier access to services and support to build their financial resilience.

The strategy is built around six well considered and evidenced principles, and supported by a phased plan for regional rollout across England to ensure continuous improvement throughout. The strategy has been designed to be responsive to the challenges identified in the current debt advice marketplace with a central focus on working supportively with the sector to improve the quality of debt advice across the services delivered.

To complement this approach, alongside the commissioning strategy, we have also published the report, “Better debt advice - from a moment of crisis to a lifetime of resilience”. This summarises the results of the largest study of debt advice delivery in the UK thus completed. It builds on the summary paper we published in July.

Developing this strategy has been the result of extensive consultation and collaboration with the sector. In all, over 175 organisations engaged with the strategy and helped shape its design.

If you have any questions, or would like to register your interest to be contacted further about the strategy, please complete this short form or email debt.commissioning@moneyadviceservice.org.uk.

The Equalities Impact Assessment for ‘A strategic approach to debt advice commissioning 2018-2023’ can be found here.