Money Advice Service Accredited Training & Qualifications

We began to accredit training and qualifications in August 2014. A range of training and qualification providers submitted their learning programmes for assessment against our individual quality framework. The content of each was mapped and assessed against the quality framework against the six activity sets (initial contact, support work, advice, casework/specialist, court representation, supervision).

During the assessment process, applicants were able to develop new learning content to fill any identified gaps and were invited to resubmit any revisions.

Money Advice Service Accredited Learning Pathway

Details of all training and qualifications that have been accredited to the Money Advice Service individual quality framework can be found here.

A training or qualification provider may only make reference to a learning course/pathway or qualification that has achieved accreditation against the Money Advice Service Quality Framework only as part of course/qualification materials targeted at existing debt advisers, debt organisations and other organisations who are licensed to provide debt advice e.g. a housing association or local government department.

  • This arrangement applies to online and printed materials.
  • All references must clearly outline the ‘title of the learning pathway’ and the ‘activity set’ within the Money Advice Service Quality Framework to which it has been accredited. E.g. ‘Learning Pathway A’ has been accredited to the Money Advice Service Quality Framework for ‘Advice’.
  • To make reference to Money Advice Service accreditation in any other context may only be done with the agreement of the Money Advice Service.
  • The use of the Money Advice Service logo is not permitted in any circumstances.