Achieving consistent and high quality Debt Advice – a consultation document

The Money Advice Service is seeking views and comments on a proposed quality framework for the debt advice sector in the UK.

Our proposed quality framework will:

  • Sets a benchmark for debt advice delivery for both organisations and individuals working in the debt advice sector to bring about greater consistency in the delivery of advice.
  • Cover the processes that underpin the delivery of advice and the standard of actual advice given.
  • Build on existing quality standards and quality assurance processes currently being used. We have not attempted to reinvent new standards, but draw together best practice examples which are currently operating.
  • Be based on three guiding principles; being receptive to client needs, demonstrating strong governance and promoting reflective and on-going learning. It proposes greater clarity around the role profiles of debt advisers and sets out a minimum range of skills, knowledge and competencies for individuals working in the sector.


This consultation has now ended.

Following the consultation we will publish our finalised plan in 2013