Achieving consistent and high quality debt advice – Our approach to quality for the debt advice sector

The Money Advice Service has today published the ‘Money Advice Service Quality Framework for Individuals Delivering Debt Advice’, which forms the second element of a new quality framework for debt advice.

‘Achieving consistent and high quality Debt Advice’ was published in June 2013.

This outlined the process we would take on implementing the Quality Framework with a focus on both the quality of the organisation delivering a debt advice service and also on the individual adviser providing debt advice.

The principles and the process for assessing organisational quality by accrediting debt advice quality standards and membership codes is now underway.

The ‘Money Advice Service Quality Framework for Individuals Delivering Debt Advice’ sets out the details and process that will be undertaken to assure the quality of individuals delivering advice through accreditation of debt advice training and qualification.

The framework is based upon the range of activities that advisers undertake throughout debt advice and has been developed using National Occupational Standards (NOS), and this approach was fully supported by stakeholders throughout the Money Advice Service consultation, earlier in 2013.

The development work was undertaken in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders from across the debt advice sector.

The Service will now appoint an external organisation to verify which of the training and qualifications within the debt advice sector are compliant with the framework in order to issue accreditation.