Press release: Budget-dodging Brits - 16 million won’t have a regular household budget for the New Year

26 December 2012

New research reveals Brits’ budgeting habits. A third of UK adults (33%) admit their household is not likely to set a regular budget for 2013 – to cover everyday costs and essential bills.

This equates to around 16 million people in 2013 who won’t be using household budget to plan their spending.

The Budget-dodgers gave a range of reasons as to why they don’t keep a household budget – some say it’s a waste of time, they wouldn’t stick to it; and others admit they prefer to live for the moment, and spend what and when they like.

Meanwhile, over half of UK adults (56%) say their household does have a regular budget to cover everyday costs, with over half of the budget-keepers (52%) saying it gives them peace of mind about how much they are spending, and makes them feel better about life in general.