Children & Young People and Financial Capability Commissioning Plan: Contributing Analysis Reports

The Money Advice Service wants to ensure every child gets a meaningful financial education. Over recent years we have been conducting research and gathering evidence to inform recommendations about the best ways to achieve this. In late 2018, MAS will finalise a Children and Young People’s Financial Capability Commissioning Plan, which will set out how we believe resources can best be directed to achieve this goal.

The analysis reports on this page will inform MAS’s commissioning recommendations. They are the first reports of their kind in the UK, and draw together everything we know about children and young people’s financial capability needs, how financial education is currently delivered, what is effective in helping children develop financial capability, and the risks and opportunities of the policy context in each UK nation.

In Sept-Oct 2018 MAS will consult on draft recommendations for how we plan to put all this evidence into action over coming years, before finalising our commissioning plan in the months that follow. Our intention is that this will inform the financial capability strategy for the UK for future years, including funding, delivery, influencing, and research activity.

September 2018

April 2018