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16/11/2018 Press release: A third of parents say ‘pester power’ regularly gets the better of them
16/11/2018 Press release: A third of parents in Scotland say ‘pester power’ regularly gets the better of them
16/11/2018 Press release: Three in ten parents in Wales say ‘pester power’ regularly gets the better of them
16/11/2018 Press release: A third of parents in Northern Ireland say ‘pester power’ regularly gets the better of them
14/11/2018 Press release: Financial Capability Strategy Board calls on stakeholders to rally around key calls to action for addressing financial capability in the UK
12/11/2018 Press release: £96 billion of debt hidden from friends and family
01/10/2018 Press release: Encouraging parents and children to ‘talk money’ can improve parents’ debt levels
17/09/2018 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to SMC’s measuring poverty study
03/09/2018 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to report by Money Advice Trust: A Decade in Debt
21/08/2018 Press release: First Class - Majority of students are good with their money
21/08/2018 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to Citizens Advice report on household debt and debt collection
02/08/2018 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to Bank of England interest rate rise
25/07/2018 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to FCA Discussion Paper on price discrimination in the cash savings market
19/07/2018 Press release: Money Advice Service publishes 2017/18 Annual Report as 10.5 million people seek money guidance
17/07/2018 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to the Financial Conduct Authority’s Approach to Consumers Paper
16/07/2018 Media comment: MAS CEO and Chair welcome new SFGB Chief Executive John Govett
04/07/2018 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to Christians Against Poverty report ‘Powerless People’
31/05/2018 Media comment: MAS CEO and Chair welcome new SFGB chair Sir Hector Sants
31/05/2018 Press comment: FCA review into high-cost credit
18/05/2018 Press release: Money worries have left two in three Brits Worried about loved one’s mental health
10/05/2018 Latest behavioural insights could help 12.7 million make more of their money
25/04/2018 Debt Advice Steering Group (DASG) supports Peter Wyman’s Independent Review of Debt Advice Funding
15/03/2018 Press release: Sarah Porretta appointed Interim Director of Financial Capability at the Money Advice Service
14/03/2018 Press release: Standard Financial Statement One Year On
27/02/2018 Media comment: FCA – new credit card rules
26/02/2018 Media comment: Malcolm Small
22/02/2018 Media comment: Citizens Advice ‘Walking on Thin Ice’ report
20/02/2018 Media comment: Money and Mental Health Policy Institute’s call for ‘Breathing Space’ for people in mental health crisis
19/12/2017 Media comment: The Energy Industry and Vulnerable Customers
19/12/2017 Press release: Money Advice Service consults on plans to increase quality and reach of services in final year
26/10/2017 Media comment: Money Advice Service supports DWP announcement on pension charges
25/10/2017 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to FCA Scamsmart campaign
20/10/2017 Media comment: Money Advice Service supports government pension dashboard
18/10/2017 Media comment: Money Advice Service comments on FCA Financial Lives Survey 2017
17/10/2017 Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to DWP workplace pensions campaign
09/10/2017 Press release: press release: Money on the mind: a nation feeling the cost
04/10/2017 Press release: 12 weeks until Christmas! Saving ideas so you can stuff the stockings
29/09/2017 Media comment: OFWAT addresses issue of consumer debt
26/09/2017 Media comment: New OFCOM rules to protect communications customers
19/09/2017 Press release: One in six people in the UK burdened with financial difficulties
14/09/2017 Press release: Money Advice Service invites you to celebrate Financial Capability Week 2017
13/09/2017 Press release: Money Advice Service uses behavioural science to help people in debt
07/09/2017 Press release; Money Advice Service and TechCity UK shine a light on fintech excellence
07/08/2017 Press release: Major Review of Debt Advice Funding
30/08/2017 Media comment: Credit cards and long-term debt
29/08/2017 Media comment: FCA PPI deadline
05/06/2017 Press release: Ground-breaking toolkit helps creditors to support people who fall behind on payments
26/06/2017 Switch to saving - a beginner’s guide
21/06/2017 Media comment: Charles Counsell welcomes plans in Queen’s Speech to create single financial guidance body
21/06/2017 Press release:Money Advice Service call for family and friends to spot the signs of problem debts
11/04/2017 Media comment: FAMR announcement
11/04/2017 Press Release: Charles Counsell appointed chief executive of the Money Advice Service
03/04/2017 Press release: Media comment: FCA credit card recommendations
28/03/2017 Press release: “Protecting” children from money issues can have negative impact on finances in adulthood
20/03/2017 Press release: Scotland’s Financial Education Week begins today
06/03/2017 Media comment: The Children’s Society debt statistics
03/03/2017 Press release: Lighthouse to provide personal regulated advice to Money Advice Service staff
01/03/2017 Press release: SFS to bring greater consistency for people in debt
16/02/2017 Media comment: Media comment: Experian’s Financial Strategy Segments tool findings
13/02/2017 Press release: New budgeting support for Universal Credit claimants
03/02/2017 Media comment: Media comment: Car insurance premium rises
02/02/2017 Media comment: CMA’s Retail Banking Market Investigation Order 2017
31/01/2017 Press release: Tens of thousands across the U.K. to receive help managing their money
24/01/2017 Media comment: Money and Mental Health’s “Seeing through the fog” report
24/01/2017 Press release: Free debt advice works for both people in problem debt and their creditors
17/01/2017 Media comment: Open Banking Project’s “A Consumer Perspective” report
11/01/2017 Media comment: CIPD Financial Wellbeing - The Employee View report
09/01/2017 Media comment: TUC’s unsecured debt figures
09/01/2017 Media comment: Media comment: Prime Minister’s speech on mental health
21/12/2016 Press release: MAS 2017/18 business plan released for consultation
19/12/2016 Media comment: Government plans for money and pensions guidance
12/12/2016 Media comment: Christians Against Poverty Freedom Report
12/12/2016 Media comment: FCA’s thematic review into management of early arrears
05/12/2016 Press release: Network Research’s retirement planning study
02/12/2016 Media comment: Workplace pensions saving
29/11/2016 Media comment: Payment Strategy Forum Strategy
17/11/2016 Press release:Ground breaking research reveals key “Building blocks” to improve money management skills
17/11/2016 Media comment: Auto enrolment boosts pension savings
16/11/2016 Press release: UK could gain £108 billion from improved money management
14/11/2016 Press release: Just 40% of young people are taught money management
10/11/2016 Media comment: Prof Griggs independent report on access to banking
10/11/2016 Press release: Confidence in tackling money issues remains “stubbornly low
08/11/2016 Press release: Caroline Rookes to retire from MAS next year
02/11/2016 Media comment: Money & Mental Health Missing Link Report
31/10/2016 Media comment: Building resilient households report
27/10/2016 Media comment: Equality Trust Savings Findings
25/10/2016 Media Comment: Aviva research on pensions lasting through retirement
20/10/2016 Media comment: Pension and Lifetime Savings Association findings
20/10/2016 Media comment: Breathing space scheme private members bill
14/10/2016 Media comment: FCA’s review of annuity sales practices
12/10/2016 Media comment: OECD survey on adult financial literacy
30/09/2016 Media comment: Ofgem suppliers’ obligations
29/09/2016 Press release: Low savings levels put millions at financial risk
26/09/2016 Media comment: Scottish Government - investing in junior savers
23/09/2016 Media comment: The Money Charity’s Financial Education Report
23/09/2016 Media comment: Children’s Society The Damage of Debt report
09/09/2016 Media alert: Back to (big) school - money saving tips for students
06/09/2016 Media comment: StepChange statistics mid-yearbook
06/09/2016 Press release: Financial Capability Week 2016 announced
01/09/2016 Media comment: Average debt to friends and family now over £4000
01/09/2016 Press release: Young adults lack plans to reach their financial goals
30/08/2016 Media comment: JRF literacy and numeracy analysis
30/08/2016 Media comment: Money Advice Trust - Borrowed years report
24/08/2016 Media comment: Citizens Advice report on pensions and long term care
23/08/2016 Media comment: TUC Britain in the red report
16/08/2016 Media comment: StepChange London in the red report
15/08/2016 Media comment: ABI pension freedom research
11/08/2016 Media comment: FCA recommendations on insurance renewals
10/08/2016 Media comment: Age UK financial abuse figures
09/08/2016 Media comment: Citizens Advice debt & life chances research
09/08/2016 Media comment: CMA retail banking market investigation
05/08/2016 Media comment: Citizen’s advice mental health research
04/08/2016 Media comment: Bank of England cuts base rate to 0.25%
27/07/2016 Media comment: Aviva Retirement Report
27/07/2016 Press release: Standard Financial Statement
26/07/2016 Media comment: FCA credit card market study
20/07/2016 Media alert: 10M workers struggle to make their wages last most months
19/07/2016 Money Advice Service annual report 2015/16
14/07/2016 Media comment: FCA pensions guidance report
13/07/2016 Media comment: Money and Mental Health - In Control report
13/07/2016 Media comment: Payments Strategy Forum consultation response
08/07/2016 Update on debt advice telephone capacity
08/07/2016 Media comment: British families not prepared for financial shocks
30/06/2016 Media comment: Increased family borrowing figures
21/06/2016 Press release: Money Advice Service appoints new debt director
15/06/2016 Media comment: Money and Mental Health - Money on your mind report
13/06/2016 Media comment: Young Enterprise My Money Week
10/06/2016 Media comment: Response to Citizens Advice report on pension freedoms
08/06/2016 Media comment: Response to Public Financial Guidance Consultation
08/06/2016 Media comment: People’s debt decisions are putting them at risk
08/06/2016 Media comment: Poor treatment of people in debt deepens financial hardship
07/06/2016 Media comment: One third of middle class couldn’t pay £500 bill
06/06/2016 Media comment: Money Advice Trust’s vulnerability guide
03/06/2016 Media comment: Halifax pocket money survey
01/06/2016 Press release: Money Advice Service launch new £7 million fund to support financial capability projects
26/05/2016 Press release: Money Advice Service on behalf on the Open Identity Exchange publishes recommendations for Pension Finder Dashboard
25/05/2016 Press release: Money Advice Service launches IMPACT principles
24/05/2016 Media comment: Access to financial services
23/05/2016 Media comment: APPG report on financial education
17/05/2016 Launch event: Launch of the ‘What Works’ financial capability fund
17/05/2016 Media comment: Response to the CMA retail banking market investigation
11/05/2016 Press release: Money Advice Service publishes revised 2016/17 Business Plan
07/04/2016 Media comment: ONS Household Debt Inequalities
17/03/2016 New media comment: Public Financial Guidance review response
16/03/2016 Media comment: Public Financial Guidance Consultation review proposal
14/03/2016 Media comment: Prime Minister’s new support to improve the life chances of millions
10/03/2016 Media comment: FCA Announcement on Debt Management Firms
10/03/2016 Press release: One in six adults struggling with debt worries
08/03/2016 Media comment: Which? Calls for a Pensions Dashboard
07/03/2016 Media comment: Response to Aviva’s The Voice of New Retirement Report
22/02/2016 Media comment: FCA’s Ageing Population Discussion Paper
16/02/2016 Media comment: LV= ‘Cost of a Child’ report
11/02/2016 Press release: Shopping offers make us spend £1,300 more per year
10/02/2016 Media comment:The Scottish Government’s Credit Union Working Group report
08/02/2016 Media comment: Response to Archbishop’s Task Group final report into responsible credit and savings
02/02/2016 Media comment: Arrow Global’s report on consumer debt defaults
28/01/2016 Press release: Money Advice Service sees record breaking demand
25/01/2016- Media comment: Money Advice Service comments on Social Market Foundation report
22/01/2016 Media comment: Money Advice Service comments on Citizens Advice’s ‘Falling Behind’ Report
14/01/2016 Press release: Press release: Four in ten Scottish adults are not in control of their finances
06/01/2016 Press release: Surviving January, a challenge for millions
05/01/2016 Media comment: Money Advice Service comments on NS&I’s financial education research
22/12/2015 Press release: Money Advice Service publishes 2016/17 Business Plan
03/12/2015 Press release: The rise of YOLO* (that’s you only live once’) living
23/11/2015 Media comment: CML and Which? launch new mortgage fees tariff to help consumers compare charges
19/11/2015 Media comment: IFS report on household wealth and attitudes to savings
18/11/2015 Press release: Four in ten Welsh adults do not know their bank balance
13/11/2015 Press release: More people than ever getting help with money matters from the Money Advice Service
03/11/2015 Media comment: FCA interim report into the credit card market
28/10/2015 Press release: Four out of 10 adults are not in control of their finances – new strategy launched to improve UK’s financial capability
20/10/2015 Press release: Eight ‘scam calls’ now take place every second
09/09/2015 Press release: 65% of consumers are exposed to unplanned financial shocks
02/09/2015 Press release: Applications open for £1 million Money Advice Service funding grant
27/08/2015 Press release: Almost 4 million people benefit from Money Advice Service’s refreshed approach in its first quarter
20/08/2015 Press release: Over 40,000 more consumers benefit from free debt advice
19/08/2015 Media comment: Money Advice Service named an ‘Impact Champion’ by Inspiring Impact
13/08/2015 Press release: Money Advice Service and Big Lottery Fund announce new parenting project to equip children with life-long money management skills
07/08/2015 Press release: New evaluation fund to improve pupil’s personal finance skills
03/08/2015 Media response: Joint Financial Advice Market consultation
21/07/2015 Media comment: Consumer Finance Association’s Credit 2.0 report
17/07/2015 Media alert: How to prepare for interest rate rises
15/07/2015 Press release: Milestones become millstones for too many UK consumers
14/07/2015 Media comment: Money Advice Service comments on Action for Children report
14/07/2015 Press release: UK adults spend nearly £1 billion just to ‘get rid’ of currency at airports in past year
08/07/2015 Media comment: Budget 2015
07/07/2015 Press release: Average UK adult overspends on holiday by £220
01/07/2015 Media alert: Be Scam Aware
25/06/2015 Media comment: FCA Smarter Consumer Communications paper
25/06/2015 Media comment: FCA thematic review on debt management
19/06/2015 Media comment: New pension rules used by 60,000 people
12/06/2015 Media alert: Five money habits that should be extinct
10/06/2015 Money Advice Service announces new partnership with StepChange Debt Charity
05/06/2015 Media comment: Money Advice Service response to Centre for Social Justice Report
15/05/2015 Press release: Money Advice Service commits £35 million to help more people with problem debt
06/05/2015 Money Advice Service announces administrator for peer review scheme
05/05/2015 Press release: Record number of people benefit from money and debt advice
23/04/2015 Press release: Nearly half of UK couples tell money lies to their partner
22/04/2015 Media comment: IRESS report on Data, Disruption and the Digital Consumer
01/04/2015 Press release: Money Advice Service appoints three non-executive directors
30/03/2015 Press release: Increasing financial capability, reducing over-indebtedness: Business plan for 2015/16 launched
26/03/2015 Media comment: FCA publication on the final retirement income market study
25/03/2015 Press release: Moving full steam ahead towards a more financially capable UK
20/03/2015 Press release: Independent Review confirms Money Advice Service’s role in helping consumers
12/03/2015 Press release: UK parents struggling to talk to their children about money
11/03/2015 Media comment: Financial Conduct Authority Thematic Review
11/03/2015 Media comment: Financial Inclusion Commission report
10/03/2015 Media comment: TSIP report
27/02/2015 Media statement: Industry support for single tool to help indebted people
25/02/2015 Media comment: CMA investigation into the payday lending market
23/02/2015 Media comment: FCA Consumer Vulnerability paper
20/02/2105 Media comment: New Financial rehab regulations laid in Scottish Parliament
16/02/2015 Media response: Universal Credit rollout
06/02/2015 UK couples’ financial secrets revealed
02/02/2015 More people than ever benefit from Money Advice Service
27/01/2015 Registration opens for new Retirement Adviser Directory
08/01/2015 Response to StepChange report an action plan on problem debt
29/12/2014 A quarter of UK adults plan to reduce spending in 2015
15/12/2014 Independent panel sets criteria for new Retirement Adviser Directory
18/11/2014 Almost half of Brits to use credit and overdrafts to cover Christmas
11/11/2014 Response to FCA announcement on payday loans
05/11/2014 Money Advice Service: on target to reach more customers than ever
02/10/2014 Over half of UK mortgage holders are unprepared for interest rates rise
30/09/2014 Response to DWP plans to accelerate national rollout of Universal Credit from early next year
16/09/2014 One in six young adults admits their debt has ‘spiralled out of control’
15/09/2014 Consultation opens on improving the UK population’s money management
09/09/2014 Help for 220,000 people struggling with debt
03/09/2014 Misunderstanding financial T&Cs cost UK adults £21 billion last year
27/08/2014 New Money Advice Service financial adviser directory gets the green light
20/08/2014 Quarter of parents rely on credit for back to school costs
08/08/2014 Debt advice works for nine out of ten over-indebted people
31/07/2014 More and more Money Advice Service customers are taking action
10/07/2014 Car costs catch Brits out
01/07/2014 Comment on new rules for payday lenders
25/06/2014 Response to Age UK’s Financial Resilience in Later Life report
24/06/2014 Fear of appearing ‘tight’ fuels UK overspending
05/06/2014 Money Advice Service launches consultation for a new specialist retirement adviser directory
05/06/2014 Comment on the FCA’s findings into logbook lenders
04/06/2014 Response to the pension reforms in the Queen’s speech
23/05/2014 Online shopping bloopers cost Brits £5bn
15/05/2014 Money Advice Service launches new resource to help parents teach their children money skills
12/05/2014 New advice to help people cope with the impact of money worries on mental health
16/04/2014 Comment on Nutmeg research about ‘bad budgeting’ habits
03/04/2014 Comment on the launch of Paym
02/04/2014 Money Advice Service publishes its Business Plan for 2014/15
07/03/2014 Young people’s knowledge gap on credit ratings causing financial problems
15/02/2014 Majority of first-time buyers admit they have overstretched themselves financially
04/02/2014 Money Advice Service reports quarter three 2013 performance results
24/01/2014 16 million Brits ‘living on the edge’ with zero savings
17/12/2013 Draft Business Plan for 2014-15: Changing people’s lives by helping them manage their money
03/12/2013 Improving free and impartial advice for ill and disabled people in the UK
27/11/2013 Major new study reveals the complexities of life in debt in the UK
08/11/2013 Money Advice Service reports Q2 results and first findings from new Quarterly Tracker
01/11/2013 A third of Brits to cover Christmas with credit and a million to turn to payday loans
24/10/2013 Young people heavily influenced by parents’ past and present money habits
11/09/2013 Total value of gadgets taken to school is nearly £1 billion
02/08/2013 New study shows UK developing positive money habits despite money struggles
01/08/2013 Andy Briscoe appointed as Chairman of the Money Advice Service
26/07/2013 Money Advice Service publishes quarter one 2013 performance results
26/06/2013 Holiday spending spree: UK adults set to spend over £27bn on summer getaways
11/06/2013 The Cost of Caring: One third of ‘Sandwich Generation’ struggle with basic living costs
23/05/2013 Adult money habits are set by the age of seven years old shows new study
16/05/2013 Money Advice Service calls for evidence to improve UK’s financial well being
30/04/2013 Meeting the demand for advice: over 2.1m customers used the Money Advice Service in 2012/13
29/04/2013 More than one in ten non-retired over 55s have nothing in place for their retirement
11/04/2013 Money Advice Service commits over £30 million to fund delivery of free debt advice
27/03/2013 Money Advice Service publishes 2013-14 Business Plan, to help people make the most of their money
14/03/2013 Gerard Lemos to stand down as Chairman of Money Advice Service at end of term of office
14/02/2013 Savvy is the new sexy, says Money Advice Service research
12/02/2013 New Money Advice Service usage figures: over 2.5 million customers helped since launch
23/01/2013 Debt advice: 50,000 more people helped, nine in ten taking action
26/12/2012 Budget-dodging Brits: 16 million won’t have a regular household budget for the New Year
20/12/2012 Money Advice Service consults on 2013-14 business plan, to get more people saving and managing debt
19/12/2012 Money Advice Service consults on improving the quality of debt advice in the UK
03/12/2012 Britain’s festive focus: kids and TV
23/11/2012 Caroline Rookes appointed Money Advice Service Chief Executive
05/11/2012 UK to spend £29bn on Christmas 2012
01/11/2012 Demand for money advice increases
19/10/2012 Debt advice works
03/10/2012 Freshers’ resigned to graduating over £39,000 in debt
10/09/2012 Mind the advice gap
15/08/2012 Money Advice Service publishes its Annual Review for 2011/12
09/08/2012 Millions of Brits hit by unexpected home moving costs
31/07/2012 New research reveals half of British holiday-makers travel without insurance
05/07/2012 New standards framework for debt advice
03/07/2012 Resignation of chief executive, Tony Hobman
12/06/2012 Money Advice Service develops financial education “Code of Practice”
30/05/2012 UK set to spend £3BN on celebration summer, yet 14M households not considered cost
30/04/2012 Money Advice Service awards new contact centre contract to Turn2us
30/03/2012 Money Advice Service targets 11 million annual users in five years
30/03/2012 Money Advice Service publishes business plan for co-ordination of debt advice as £18m agreement with Citizens Advice is concluded
16/03/2012 Parents caught out by baby costs
22/02/2012 Money Advice Service reveals plans to help people in debt difficulty
02/02/2012 FSA begins consulting with levy payers
01/02/2012 Free online health check helps the nation kick its money into shape
13/12/2011 John Spence appointed a non-executive director to the Money Advice Service board
09/12/2011 Money Advice Service begins new strategic oversight role for financial education
21/11/2011 Money chat survey highlights gender differences
14/09/2011 Money Chat research highlights money is still a taboo
25/08/2011 Only a fifth of UK population have a money mate says new survey
28/06/2011 Money Advice Service holds launch in Northern Ireland
23/06/2011 Money Advice Scotland Annual Conference 2011, Crieff Hydro Hotel, Scotland
16/06/2011 Money Advice Service holds launch in Wales
14/06/2011 Money Advice Service hold parliamentary launch in Scotland
09/06/2011 Money Advice Service hold parliamentary launch
08/06/2011 The Money Advice Service launches the new health check
15/04/2011 Joint ‘good practice’ launch with Chartered Institute of Housing and Barclays
04/04/2011 Money Advice Service’s Business Plan 2011/2012
04/04/2011 The Money Advice Service launches to give free money advice to all
30/03/2011 CFEB’s money matters training in youth work has minister approval
29/03/2011 CFEB becomes the Money Advice Service on 4 April
11/03/2011 Money: the root of all happiness? wins Speechwriting Award
08/03/2011 It’s National Student Money Week
03/03/2011 People and money: closing the advice gap
11/02/2011 Money: the root of all happiness?
09/02/2011 CFEB investigates the long-term impact of financial capability
26/01/2011 CFEB launches Money Workout campaign
05/01/2011 CFEB launches Divorce and separation calculator
20/12/2010 CFEB reveal board membership
01/12/2010 New CFEB research shows UK intends to have a savvy Christmas
22/11/2010 Financial Capability for Europe’s Youth and Retirees
16/11/2010 CFEB report sheds important light on saving habits in Britain
10/11/2010 CFEB welcomes today’s announcement by the Department for Business
01/11/2010 CFEB publishes 2010/11 Business Plan
28/10/2010 CFEB responds to the Prison Reform Trust report on financial exclusion of offenders and their families
23/09/2010 Flying Start campaign launches
03/09/2010 The influence of financial promotions on young people’s decision-making
19/07/2010 From Financial Capability to CFEB: the road ahead
14/07/2010 Important new research and evaluation published at annual conference
07/07/2010 Stay on top of your mortgage campaign launched
22/06/2010 Budget announcement: family financial health check
17/06/2010 CFEB to continue its role in helping consumers manage money
09/06/2010 Taking action on student financial capability
04/06/2010 Managing money – showcase event
26/05/2010 The Coalition Document, the Queen’s speech, and financial capability
20/05/2010 CFEB commends Welsh Assembly Government on inclusion strategy
19/05/2010 Tony Hobman joins CFEB as Chief Executive and first Board meeting held
26/04/2010 CFEB and new national money guidance service launch

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