How to input SmartSurvey data into online evaluation tool

When you have completed collecting responses from clients, SmartSurvey will collect and store the data. You will be able to view all client responses in the ‘Results’ tab, ‘Summary’, ‘All Pages’.

Client responses will be summarised and displayed as a response total and response percent.

Response total is the total number of clients who responded to an answer to a particular question.

Response percentage is the percentage of clients who responded to an answer to a particular question.

If your chosen methodology is to collect data through online self-completion only, you require the ‘Response percentage’ figures from SmartSurvey and the ‘Online evaluation tool’. To translate your data and measure against each of the 15 client outcomes, you will need to manually enter the response percentage for each question into the corresponding grey box within the ‘INPUT SHEET’ of the online evaluation tool, as shown below:

Please note, if your chosen methodology is a combination of either online self-completion, paper self-completion and telephone. You will find the ‘Response total’ figures useful, to add to the total response total collected from all other chosen methodology. In this case, you will need to use the ‘Paper evaluation’ tool.

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