Debt solutions

Friday 10 February 2017

The Money Advice Service has a statutory obligation to improve the availability, quality and consistency of debt advice across the UK. To help achieve this objective, we have undertaken a review of the formal and informal courses of action available to people who have problem debt, to understand the extent to which the available options meet their needs and to identify ways in which the current system could be improved, particularly from the perspective of debtors. The review has been wide-ranging and has incorporated several different research projects, as well as consultations with c. 40 organisations.

From this review, we have produced a draft set of 24 opportunities for change. These are an initial long-list of changes that the research and consultation has suggested could help people manage their problem debt more effectively.

We will now review these opportunities with the debt sector in order to establish which are practicable and workable (either in their current form, or in a revised form), and which are not. Mindful that each would require significant effort and resource to implement, we will also look to establish how the workable opportunities should be prioritised.

This round of consultation will allow us to produce a shorter final set of recommendations, which it intends to have ratified by the debt sector through the Debt Advice Steering Group. We will publish the final recommendations and supporting evidence in 2017.

The draft document can be downloaded here.


When responding, please consider the following questions:

· Are the opportunities suggested practicable and workable (either in their current form, or a revised form)?

· Should revisions be made to any of the opportunities?

· Of the 24 opportunities set out, which should be prioritised?

· Are there other opportunities to improve the current system that are not included within this document?

Please send responses to by 31 March 2017. Responses should be limited to 4 A4 pages.