Press release: Flying Start campaign launches

23 September 2010

CFEB’s Flying Start aims to help parents equip their son or daughter with the financial skills they need while they are at university.

The resources and tools at Moneymadeclear offer free, impartial advice and information to help students get to grips with managing their money away from home, such as how to keep a budget, how to plan ahead for the unexpected, how to shop-around and how to spot hidden costs.

Our research shows that over two-thirds (71%) of parents of undergraduate students surveyed have concerns about providing financially for their son or daughter while they are at university.

The research also shows that new students starting this term are unaware of some very important money facts, such as the higher costs of door-step loans, and the penalties they could incur for having their car insurance in their parent’s name rather than their own.

N.B.: Please note that the link in the press release above is no longer valid