Press release: ‘Freshers’ resigned to graduating over £39k in debt

3 October 2012

First year ‘fresher’ university students in the UK expect to graduate more than £39,000 in debt, and a third (32%) of graduates wish they had managed their money more carefully while studying. That’s according to our new research, conducted among 1,400 students and recent graduates across the UK. It also revealed the financial sources students are using to help cover the costs of studying, and the scale of students’ worry regarding the levels of debt they will run up by the time they leave university.

Scottish university undergraduates expect to graduate £12,500 in debt on average. This figure is nearly half the UK average of £23,700. Despite no tuition fees for Scottish students attending the nation’s universities, they are still resigning themselves to significant amounts of debt. As a result, 31% of Scottish students said they would consider living at home whilst attending university in order to avoid going too far into the red.