Press release: From Financial Capability to CFEB - the road ahead

19 July 2010

This year’s Cambridge event was our first as CFEB and it proved to be an enormous success. Hosted by Liz Barclay, the renowned journalist, the event started with a welcome address from Tony Hobman and ran for one and half days.

The keynote address was given by Mark Hoban, Financial Secretary to the Treasury in which he outlined the new National Financial Advice Service and the annual family financial health check both of which CFEB have been given the responsibility for rolling out next spring.

For your information, links are provided below to the various presentations and speeches given during the event:

At the conference we also published two important reports:

  • The Money Guidance Pathfinder: key findings and lessons learned was written for CFEB by independent author Professor Elaine Kempson from the Personal Finance Research Centre (PfRC). Read Summary Read full report
  • Transforming Financial Behaviour - developing interventions that build financial capability (2010) written by industry experts and academics, including Professor Paul Dolan and Anthony Elliott describes how learnings from psychology and sociology, can be used alongside more traditional ‘policy interventions’, to foster behaviour change. Read Summary Read full report


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