Helping tenants to manage their rent payments

When tenants start paying their rent direct to you, they may need support with setting up the payments or budgeting. The Money Advice Service can help your tenants keep up to date with rent and manage their money effectively.

Explaining direct payment to your tenants

If you’re a registered social landlord and your tenants are moving onto direct payment, it’s a good idea to explain to them what this change will mean for them and how they can get ready for it.

The Money Advice Service leaflet ‘Paying your rent’ explains simply and clearly how to manage rent payments effectively and avoid getting into arrears. It’s ideal for handing out to your tenants.

Help with budgeting

Paying Housing Benefit direct to tenants means they have more money going into their bank accounts. Some people will need help to manage their budgets carefully and ensure that they don’t spend rent money on other things.

Our budget planner tool is designed to help people draw up a budget quickly and easily. They can then save their budget information and come back to update it as their circumstances change.

Extra budgeting support

If you think someone needs more help with their budget, you can suggest that they:

  • Read our page How to budget for a monthly benefit payment, which gives budgeting tips and advice.
  • Call the Money Advice Service Helpline on 0800 138 7777 and one of our advisers will go through our budget planner with them and give them general money advice.

An alternative way of providing help and support could be to point your tenants in the direction of National Numeracy’s online challengeopens in new window. This enables individuals to test their numeracy skills. It’s free, confidential and easy to use, designed to measure and improve everyday math’s skills. Improved numeracy can help people budget better potentially increasing their financial capability

No bank account?

If some of your tenants don’t have suitable bank accounts, follow the link below to videos and guides that will help them choose and open the best kind of account for rent payments.

Setting up a rent payment

Research shows that a significant number of people don’t use Direct Debits to pay their bills. Their reasons include:

  • fear of loss of control over money leaving their account
  • bank charges they’ve incurred in the past because of refused Direct Debits

If you have tenants with similar concerns, here are two short videos that will help reassure them:

Worried about rent payments and arrears

If your tenants are worried about not being able to manage their rent payments, take a look at our video ‘Worried about paying your rent?’ It gives advice and tips on making up shortfalls and avoiding arrears.

For advice for tenants on prioritising their rent money read Getting to grips with paying your rent