Media comment: The Money Charity's Financial Education Report

Kirsty Bowman-Vaughan, Young People Expert for the Money Advice Service comments on The Money Charity’s Financial Education report:

“We are pleased that financial education is being delivered in schools, however there is still work to do to ensure that this has a positive impact on children’s financial capability. This is a key area of work for the UK Financial Capability Strategy. We are currently evaluating what works to improve the impact of financial education in schools and we are testing a number of interventions to identify which ones work best, including our partnership with Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Young Enterprise where we are testing the impact of teaching Maths in a real life context on financial capability and Maths GCSE attainment. It is important for teachers, schools and organisations involved in financial education to work together to prioritise financial education and create resources that can build good money skills. We would like to encourage these organisations to share their views by getting involved in Financial Capability Week from 14-20 November. More information can be found on the Financial Capability Website.”