Reaching marginalised groups

In April 2013 the Money Advice Service (MAS) partnered with The Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) to fund the delivery of debt advice programme in Scotland- Making Advice Work, which had 3 streams of work to it. Stream 3 of this programme was a thematic stream to support the delivery of 16 pilot projects that tested new ways of working with particularly marginalised groups including people with disabilities, people experiencing domestic abuse and people with additional specific needs.

All projects aimed to improve the financial circumstances and resilience of very specific groups of service users based on a need identified through pre-existing service delivery. MAS is committed to analysing, using and reporting on the learning from these pilots, and disseminating this across the sector to increase the ability of particularly marginalised people to receive debt advice.

The Reaching marginalised groups evaluation report can be found here Reaching marginalised groups

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