Press release: Savvy is the new sexy, reveals Money Advice Service research

14 February 2013

A survey we conducted, to coincide with Valentine’s Day, reveals UK romantics prefer partners who can keep track of their money rather than splash their cash.

Our research shows that less obvious skills – such as budgeting or having a good credit rating - affect other aspects of life, including our love lives.

To help us cope with tough economic times, the majority of us want a savvy partner, for example:

  • Over half of us (59%) would find the ability to budget more attractive for a partner to have in place, than the ability to splash out occasionally (36%); and
  • 64% of us agree that money is an influencing factor on a relationship, and how it is managed affects the success of the relationship.

It also shows certain money habits will turn us off prospective partners, for example:

  • 72% of us would put off starting a serious relationship if we thought the prospective partner did not manage their money well; and over a third (34%) of us would be most turned-off someone if we think they have a reckless money attitude.
  • Read the full press release here (PDF)