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June 2012

The role of the Money Advice Service in the advice landscape – Westminster and City filling the advice gap post-2012 conference, London

Between a third and half of the UK adult population could benefit from free generic money advice. In this speech, Chief Executive Tony Hobman explains the contribution that the Money Advice Service aims to make towards filling this gap, working alongside and in partnership with others in an ever-evolving landscape.

November 2011

Money Advice Service Seminar – Rebuilding trust in an era of doubt, Holborn Bars, London

In a speech on trust to an audience drawn from across the financial services and consumer sectors, Gerard Lemos said the Money Advice Service must work alongside people, not above them. He said the Service ‘must be there for people as they approach and go through key life events – not preaching or patronising, but assisting to a point where people feel good about their financial situation.’ Gerard said ‘we want to be at the forefront of people’s minds so they know we are there when they need us, like Google or the NHS.’ Turning to financial capability, Gerard described the Service’s approach of combining attitudes and mindsets with key life event and said, ‘being good with money is a state of mind, not being a mine of information.’ He emphasised the importance of working with young people and their parents, and of offering advice directly those aged 18 to 25 as they make the transition to adulthood. Gerard thanked those in the financial services for their support and argued that, by placing its trust in consumers, the Service can create a win: win for both the industry and consumers by helping people become better informed, more ready to take decisions and act on them.

September 2011

Resolution ADR Conference 2011, Cambridge

This speech, by Executive Director Mark Fiander, introduced the Money Advice Service and specifically our information and money advice for people facing divorce to members of Resolution, the solicitors’ family law association. Resolution members played a key role in the development our online information and calculator, and this conference provided us with the opportunity to thank Resolution and encourage use of our advice with clients.

July 2011

Centre for Responsible Credit – The Future of Financial Inclusion and Money Advice Conference, Birmingham

This speech, by our Debt Advice Programme Manager Paul Frost, explains our preparatory work on debt advice co-ordination, and the journey leading to government asking us to take on this role and behind our wider Service.

June 2011

Bank of Indonesia-OECD Regional Asian Seminar on Financial Literacy, Jakarta, Indonesia

In a special address to an audience drawn from across the financial services, regulators, government and non-government organisations in Asia, Gerard Lemos explained the Money Advice Service’s role – both in relation to the regulatory system for the financial services sector in the UK and in helping consumers to manage their money better.

Money Advice Scotland Annual Conference 2011, Crieff Hydro Hotel, Scotland

Gerard Lemos, Chairman of the Money Advice Service, speaks about how the Service is helping people manage their money both in the face of day-to-day pressures and for the longer term. Gerard talks about longer-term social trends – such as changes to pensions, university fees and the costs of care in later life – that make it even more important for people to adopt managing money well as the norm. He explains how the health check provides people with an action plan, and that the Money Advice Service is developing more proactive and interactive new products.

The launch of a national awareness campaign, Money Advice Service Parliamentary reception

MPs and senior figures from across the financial services industry were asked by Gerard Lemos, Money Advice Service Chairman, to bring the Money Advice Service and our online health check to the attention of their constituents and customers when we launched a national awareness campaign at Portcullis House.

May 2011

Congress of Consumer Protection and Financial Education, Bogotá

On 6 May Gerard Lemos, Chairman, delivered a speech about the Money Advice Service via a live webcast to the 1st Congress of Consumer Protection and Financial Education in Bogotá, Colombia. In his speech, Gerard describes the Money Advice Service as the first of its kind in the world and talks about the Service’s aim to reach millions of people with clear, straightforward advice that will help them take control of their money.

April 2011

The IOSCO 36th Annual Conference in Cape Town, South Africa

Gerard Lemos, Chairman, speaks on_‘Consumer education: A national necessity or an unnecessary irritation?’_. Gerard described how many more people in the UK will be better informed and advised about money matters following the launch of the world’s first free, universal and national money advice service.

February 2011

The Royal Society of Arts

Gerard Lemos, Chairman, speaks on ‘Money: the root of all happiness?’ explaining how the Money Advice Service will make a difference to people’s financial planning and decision-making – and perhaps even to their happiness.

November 2010

The Financial Services Forum, Financial Behaviour Summit

Amanda Bowe, Head of Consumer Affairs, Strategy and Evaluation, explains our role, the importance of our research into people’s financial behaviour, and how we work with other organisations.

October 2010

The Financial Capability Forum’s Conference

Tony Hobman, CEO, speaks on ‘Financial capability: the future’. Tony explains our plans to establish ourselves as a new, independent, body, and how we will use what we have learnt and achieved during the past five years to inform our new long-term strategy.

The Responsible Credit UK Convention

Jim Dredge, Head of Operations and Money Guidance, speaks on our role in tackling debt and how we are helping people find ways of avoiding financial difficulty. Jim explains how our forthcoming money advice service will help people manage their money better.

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