Helping customers with the transition

There may be certain situations where you think a customer would benefit from specialist help or advice. Here are a few situations to look out for and suggestions for where the customer could go for support.

Lots of rejected Direct Debits

If a customer is frequently having Direct Debit payments refused this probably indicates that they need help with budgeting.

The customer can either:

Customer wants to cancel all automated payments

If a customer requests that all their automated payments are cancelled this might suggest that they need help prioritising bills and budgeting.

The customer can either:

Customer has no funds

If a customer has no funds in their account and no access to money to live on they probably need to seek urgent help.

The customer can either:

  • apply for a Budgeting Advance (or Budgeting Loan) at their local Jobcentre Plus, or
  • contact their local authority for welfare assistance
  • make an appointment with the bank’s financial assistance team if appropriate

An alternative way of providing help and support could be to point customers in the direction of National Numeracy’s online challenge this enables individuals to test their numeracy skills. It’s free, confidential and easy to use, designed to measure and improve everyday math’s skills. Improved numeracy can help people budget better potentially increasing their financial capability

Customer using expensive or unsuitable credit

If a customer is spending money on expensive credit, they may be in need of guidance and support to find more suitable borrowing options in the short term and improve their budgeting skills in the longer term.

The customer can either:

Customer is spending large proportion of income on servicing debt or they are being pursued by creditors

If a customer is struggling to make ends meet because so much of their income is being used to repay debts and/or they are being chased by people they owe money to, they almost certainly need urgent help with their debts.

The customer can either: