Money Advice Toolkits

Money Advice Toolkits

We are happy to work with charities, local authorities, employers and any other organisations to ensure that they are able to give accurate and helpful money advice to their customers and clients. To help with this, the Money Advice Service has created toolkits to provide information and support a round upcoming policy changes and specific areas of financial capability. You can download the toolkits, free of charge, from the links below:

Interest-only Mortgages Toolkit ( download)

We have pulled together a snapshot of material we think is relevant to the ‘interest-only’ mortgage customer from the extensive range of resources available on the Money Advice Service website. We hope that the mortgage industry and particularly lenders will find some or all of this useful when they are communicating with their mortgage customers. We will continue to evolve this content to better help these customers based on the latest research and findings.

Universal Credit toolkit (download)

If you are a charity, local authority, or other organisation that gives money advice to the public, you can expect to start getting more questions about Universal Credit and the upcoming changes to the benefits system. The Universal Credit toolkit provides information to help you explain how the changes will affect your customers and what they will need to do to be prepared for them.

Automatic Enrolment toolkit ( download)

Since October 2012, Automatic Enrolment in workplace pensions has begun to be phased in by employers in the UK. The Automatic Enrolment toolkit will give you the information you need to help your workers understand the financial impact and benefit of the changes. Please feel free to download the toolkit, use and share where relevant. If you do have any queries or would like further support, please contact the Partnerships team.