Press release: Total value of gadgets taken to school is nearly £1 billion

**11 September 2013 **

New research released by the Money Advice Service reveals the average UK school child (aged 6-16 years old) now carries electronic gadgets in their school satchel worth £122.

The popularity of personal devices such as iPads, smartphones and MP3 players means they carry, on average, at least one electronic item with them to school - equating to a total of nearly £1billion-worth of gadgets being taken in to UK schools each day.

Yet despite 36% of parents saying they would be ‘upset’ if their child lost their school bag and one in seven (14%) saying they would worry about the cost of replacing the items - 19% of parents know that their child leaves their school bag unattended in public places, and only the minority have adequate insurance cover. In addition, many parents’ insurance policies may not cover bags left unattended.

Other key findings include:

  • One in ten 6-10 years olds take electronic tablet to school; over half of 11-16 year olds take a smartphone
  • Just 16% of parents have personal possessions insurance that covers all the contents of a school bag
  • 50% of those with personal possessions insurance say they don’t fully understand it

  • Read the press release in full (PDF)