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FAQs and useful tips from other employers

What financial information can I give my employees?

  • Employers are allowed to provide useful information that can help employees manage their money well. By signposting resources like the Making the most of your money guide - you are offering generic advice, rather than your personal opinion, which is therefore not regulated.

How do I get started?

What do I do if my employee has more questions?

  • Ask them to contact the Money Advice Service - for free and impartial advice as well as helpful resources on their specific needs

How did we put this guide together?

  • Experts, employers and employees collaborated to create a guide that was effective and practical
  • Hear from some employers who helped us develop the guide


  • Shared what they cared about and what stops them giving employees financial advice today
  • Tested the ideas and told us which they found relevant and easiest to use
How did we put this guide together en


  • Highlighted relevant regulatory guidance
  • Assessed evidence on ways to help employees' well-being and improve employers' performance


  • Told us about their money issues and how it affects them at work
  • Tested the ideas and told us which they found most helpful
  • You can link the Making the Most of your Money guide directly to your website so that employees can easily find this information and access more useful advice and information across the Money Advice Service. Click here to find out how

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