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Compare lifetime guaranteed income products (lifetime annuities)

A few simple questions to get you started

When were you born?

Age is one factor for calculating retirement income. The older you are, the higher the income quotes you'll get. If you are aged below 55 accessing your pension pot is not normally a good idea and our tables won't provide quotes. We suggest you speak to a regulated financial adviser before proceeding if you are aged below 55.

When would you like your income to start?

You will be {0} years old

You will be {0} years old. Our tables don't provide quotes if you are aged below 55 - in this case you should get advice

Details of your retirement plan

You could get a better rate and save on admin costs by merging pension pots to buy one larger annuity. However, if any of your schemes offer loyalty bonuses or a 'guaranteed annuity rate' you could lose out by combining - check the facts and get advice if in doubt. Only include pension pots from a defined contribution or personal pension scheme (including stakeholder pension). Do not include State Pension or a pension based on final salary or career average earnings.


Your pension pot size probably isn't large enough to get good value from an annuity. If you have other pots you could think about combining them. See Options for using your pension pot to understand your other choices and to find our where to get help or advice.

You can choose to have your income paid in advance or in arrears. This might make a small difference to the amount of income you receive. We suggest you run a couple of comparisons to see what effect this might have.

Your postcode can affect your income

Personal details

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