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Have you checked out the alternatives to a payday loan?

Find out about cheaper, lower risk alternatives and how to tackle money problems.

What people tell us about free debt advice for mortgage problems

“Not only did you help during a time of extreme stress, you also saved my home…“

Using a payday loan to regularly pay your rent or mortgage can lead to serious debt and put your home at risk

Here’s what you can do instead:

  1. Contact your landlord or mortgage lender as soon as possible and explain your situation.

  2. Make sure you know your rights. If you have a mortgage and you are struggling with repayments, lenders are required to treat you fairly and with consideration. In particular, they should allow you reasonable time to repay the debt. This may include freezing their interest and charges, and agreeing a repayment plan with you. A free debt adviser can help you do this and advise you on your rights and options.

  3. Get free, confidential debt advice. The adviser will help you prioritise your bills, do a budget and may be able to talk to your landlord or mortgage lender on your behalf. Find a free debt adviser now

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