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  1. Cash savings at a glance

    Don’t leave your cash under the mattress! See what type of account is right for your cash savings, and start comparing today

  2. Media comment: Money Advice Service responds to FCA Discussion Paper on price discrimination in the cash savings market

  3. Types of savings

    Learn about savings accounts, cash ISAs, and how to save for children.

  4. How do savings and lump sum pay-outs affect benefits?

    Some benefits are affected by the amount of money you have in savings, such as cash in a savings account, or investments in shares

  5. Taking small cash sums from your pension pot

    This retirement option lets you use your pension pot a bit like a savings account, taking cash as and when you need it. Here’s how it works, including the tax implications and the risks involved

  6. Cash ISAs

    Cash ISAs can help you grow your savings faster with tax-free interest, but be sure to shop around for a good rate. Read on to find out if they're right for you

  7. ISAs and other tax-efficient ways to save or invest

    Everything you need to know on choosing savings with tax benefits to help you hold onto more of your money

  8. Don't keep cash under the mattress

    Got cash stashed at home? Keep it safe and make it work for you by putting it into a savings account

  9. Savings Bonds

    Have cash that you can tie up for six months or more? Savings Bonds can offer better returns than regular savings

  10. Investing – beginner’s guide

    If your savings goal is a few years away, putting some of your cash into investments could let you to earn more from your money, so here’s our guide to investing for beginners covering risks and returns