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  1. What happens when a payday lender goes into administration?

    Payday lenders including Wonga, WageDay Advance and Juo Loans have gone into administration.

  2. Working out a repayment plan for your borrowing

    Thinking of borrowing money? Read our guide to work out how much it could potentially cost you and how to draft a repayment plan to erase the debt.

  3. How to get credit for the first time

    New to borrowing? Find out everything you need to know about getting credit for the first time - including how to apply, eligibility and how much you could get.

  4. Logbook loans

    Logbook loans involve borrowing money using your car as security. Read our guide to find out how they work, eligibility and how to apply.

  5. Good debt versus bad debt

    If you’re thinking of borrowing money, know how to avoid dangerous bad debts

  6. Overdrafts explained

    An overdraft is a short-term borrowing facility. Use our guide to find out how they work and make sure you don’t go over your limit.

  7. Do you need to borrow money?

    Planning a big purchase or need some extra cash? Borrowing might seem like the obvious solution but there could be a better option

  8. Borrowing through a Peer to Peer Platform

    Peer to peer loans are a relatively new way of borrowing money but they might be cheaper than banks or building societies

  9. A guide to mortgage payment holidays

    How mortgage holidays work, the impact on your overall cost of borrowing and the effect on your credit file

  10. How to work out the true cost of borrowing

    Read our guide to learn how to work out true cost of borrowing and repaying the debt, before you make a final decision.