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  1. Borrowing from a credit union

    Credit unions are community savings and low-interest loan providers. Read our guide to find out why they're often a good alternative to borrowing from banks

  2. How to pay legal fees when you separate if you were cohabiting

    This guides goes over the ways you can pay for legal fees when separating, including borrowing from family or friends, 0% credit cards, personal loans or credit unions

  3. Compensation if your bank or building society goes bust

    Find out how much money you would get back if your bank, building society or credit union failed, and how to claim

  4. Credit union current accounts

    Can’t get a current account with a bank or building society? Find out here if a credit union account could be the solution you need

  5. Help with loans

    Learn about how personal loans work, better alternatives to payday loans, and help when borrowing from a credit union.

  6. Credit union savings accounts

    Need a flexible alternative to saving with a bank or building society? Use our guide to find out if a local credit union is the solution to your financial needs

  7. Media comment: The Scottish Government’s Credit Union Working Group report