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Thrifty Lesley

I was a single parent and homeless for 4 years, in all but name, with 2 pre-schoolers, then a further 4 years were spent struggling along on benefits. There were long periods when I had no money. At all. Along with a childhood that featured very little money, a lifelong interest in frugality was set.

I don’t have to watch the pennies now, and haven’t had to for a long time, but there is an indelible mark, times like that never leave you completely.

So when austerity hit the headlines, I started ThriftyLesley and £1 a day in the hope that it might help some people get by.

Latest Posts

Are you wasting food? Blogger Thrifty Lesley welcomes you into her larder…

19 Sep 2015

We asked blogger Thrifty Lesley, who specialises in creating low-cost meals and recipes on her blog, for her ideas on making sure you don’t overspend on food.