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Cheap Mother’s Day ideas from Mums in the know

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and you can’t have failed to see the adverts around promising your mum a top day in exchange for parting with your cash - in some cases, a hefty amount. But you don’t need to splash the cash to have a great Mother’s Day.

If you’re panicking about gifts there are some great ideas out there that don’t have to cost the earth.

Here the mums from Netmums give some inexpensive gift ideas mum might like this Sunday that are easy for young children to help with – and some ideas grown-up sons and daughters can steal too.

Six different Mother’s Day ideas from Netmums

1.Welly planters

‘Does your child have a pair of wellies they have outgrown? They make a good planter!! Pop a plant in it, tie a ribbon around it, and it makes a sentimental gift. If you have no wellies, a cheap ceramic plant pot is good for painting on. Your child can do hand prints etc.’ Diane

2. Pamper bags

‘From myself to my mum I think I’m going to a little ‘pamper’ bag with face cream, a nice bottle of bubble bath and that sort of thing which I can hopefully get some good deals on.’  Violet

3. Mothers Day photo shoot

‘I used rewards points and vouchers to sort Mother’s Day. My husband took the kids to a Mother’s Day photo shoot and paid for the photos. They also had some with ‘best nanny’ props so these have been printed and framed for grandparents. It’s really cheap but a lovely keepsake.’ Mandy H

4. Bake a treat

‘How about making cupcakes? Nice and cheap and I think the effort that goes into making them makes them a nice gift’. Mandy H

5. Fabric wrapped soaps

‘Buy gorgeous soaps then wrap in fabric and tie with ribbon or lace for a gorgeous gift’. Netmums article

6. Salt and sugar scrubs

‘Salt and sugar scrubs are so easy to make and they look and smell divine. You can make salt scrubs with sea salt and sugar scrubs using brown sugar. They make your skin so soft and clean and are a real luxury in a jar. You can find step-by-step instructions here.’ Netmums article

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