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Every cat has its day and that day is…today, because 8 August is International Cat Day.

Cool for cats – celebrating International Cat Day

Every cat has its day and that day is…today, because 8 August is International Cat Day.

As much as we would like to celebrate our furry feline friends with a blog post with lots of cute pictures, there is a serious point.

Just over a year ago, it became a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped. The idea was to make it easier to reunite lost pets with owners, reduce the strain on animal charities and clamp down on dangerous dogs and puppy farms.

When it comes to dogs, microchipping has certainly made a difference, with the number of missing dogs at an all-time low. 

However, this has not been extended to cover cats as well and nearly two in three people think it should be, according to research by Co-op Insurance.

Although it’s not a requirement, it’s estimated nearly three quarters of cats are microchipped.

Are you covered?

Microchipping is an obvious, easy and cheap way to keep you pet safe. But it only protects them if they go missing.

Unfortunately, many cats will get ill during their lifetime, so you also need to think about how you can cover those expensive vet bills.

Pet insurance is one way of dealing with the cost. However, many people are put off by something which will cost a lot over the lifetime of their pet and might not be needed until later in life.

But this is where there’s another advantage of microchipping, because having your cat chipped can reduce your pet insurance premiums.

If you are thinking about pet insurance, make sure you read our guide to make sure you’re getting good protection for your pet and the right policy for you. 

And, as a reward for making it to the end of the blog post, here are some cute pictures of cats.

But if you’re more of a dog fan, don’t worry, we’ve got pictures of pooches as well.

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