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Cost of procrastination could run into hundreds

What’s on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off? We’ve all got those tasks we’d rather not have to do, but it could be costing you.

More than four in ten (42%) of us have faced an extra cost by not doing something straight away, with the average person believing putting off jobs has cost them £156.43 in the past year.

Filing paperwork and bills; organising old belongings for a car boot sale or eBay; and arranging a will all emerged on the top 10 list of things we put off doing, according to makers of mouldable glue Sugru.

Tasks which involve official paperwork such as changing or switching utility companies, applying for or renewing a passport, filing a tax return and changing names or addresses after moving house or getting married are also often put off until they become urgent.

Many of us put off doing things because we’re busy – and often the tasks may be boring or a bit complicated But ignoring these niggling tasks won’t mean they’ll go away. So what can you do?

Don’t procrastinate! Follow our to-do list tips

The average adult avoids doing something for almost five weeks – but one in ten of us admit it’s taken a staggering five years or more to get around to sorting things out.

When it comes to cancelling old subscriptions, or clearing old clothes out, it appears a lot of us are dragging our heels. But remember,  taking the time to do these things can free up more money to put towards what you really want or need.

Switching is another one of those tasks we hate, whether this is for our credit card, utilities bill or TV packages. But checking whether you could save money by switching energy provider will only take 20 minutes – and could save you £200!

Balance transfers could also help you consolidate any credit card debts and lower the cost of your credit card borrowings.

Making a will – what’s stopping you?

Sorting out or changing your will also came surprisingly high in the survey.

But if you aren’t married or in a civil partnership, you risk adding to your partner and other dependents’ heartache should you die without a will in place.

What are the tasks you’ve been putting off?


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  • Carol / 24 September 2015

    Very sound advice

  • Chris Ballance / 23 September 2015

    Many thanks! This has really made me think..... I will start from the top and start today with the top 10 tips. I have set a timeline of 2 weeks to get these completed.... Thanks again!

  • Mary P / 22 September 2015

    Actually this is so true and already I am shredding for England. The problem is we are all busy people and I am retired. It's all to do with letting go and once you have - bingo - life gets better and you feel a bit in control. Get those clothes sorted because you could make some money. Go to a dress agency and sell them even if you get a fiver it's in your pocket not theirs.
    As far as eye tests go I am guilty because I think of the cost. How rediculous is that. My eyes are precious, - so here goes.
    Painting - I have been going to do that all year and I enjoy it so why am I putting it off. Well I have a garden and when the weather is good, which it generally is, honest, I would rather be outside. So, why don't I do my shed. Mmmmm no excuse - I must do it before winter. Thank you for giving me a conscience about it all. These are really simple tasks. Humans - we are funny.

  • Graham McLean / 20 September 2015

    I'm guilty of the top 2 on the list at the moment but fail to see how this is putting me at a financial disadvantage further down the line......

  • Gillian Gough / 20 September 2015

    I've been hit for £1200 by hmrc for non completion of self assement I've not been self employed since May 2014 my ex accountants passed this onto me I've haven't got this kind of money what on earth am I going to do

  • Daniel Vanhoof / 20 September 2015

    Looking at those 10 people put aside and do later, makes me feel better since now I know it isn't just me with outstanding task to be done.

  • InsureLearnerDriver / 24 August 2015

    Making that little bit extra effort does save you money and it's never as hard as it seems.