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DIY sandwiches aren’t the only way to cut your food bills

It’s National Sandwich Week, and it’s prompted the BBC to make a short film showing how making your own sarnie each day is cheaper than buying one from the supermarket.

Now, most of you will be thinking that’s obvious. We know buying bread and fillings for a DIY lunch costs less than the ones you pick up as part of a meal deal. The reason you might not make a packed lunch is more likely to be down to getting up too late in the morning, or just a lack of organisation.

The savings made can be substantial, so if you have the discipline to spend five minutes each day pulling together your lunch it’s well worth making the time for. If you can save £1 each working day, you’ll be up £220 a year.

But as we’ve reported on many times over the years, a packed lunch isn’t the only way to reduced your food bills. I’ve looked back at some of our most popular food related blogposts from guests to share the top ways to spend less on your groceries.

Meal planning

Blogger Thrifty Lesley shared some ways to make the most of what you buy, with planning what you’ll eat key to cutting bills

Using leftovers

We asked Frugal Queen for her top tips and she shared what you can do with common leftovers such as roast chicken and bread crusts to make them go further.

Cook once, eat twice

Faith Archer gave us six ways to fork out less for your food, including making batch cooking part of your routine.

Use your freezer

Cookery writer Justine Pattison wrote for us why your freezer should be your best friend in the kitchen.

Grow your own

We also asked our readers for their tips, which included growing your own veg, or making jams and chutneys from overgrown fruit.

Get savvy in the supermarket

You can also make a big difference to your final bill by shopping smarter at the supermarket. I shared a few ways you can lower the cost of your weekly shop by switching brands or even supermarket to get lower cost items.

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