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Just eight weeks left till Christmas. We catch up with our MAS colleagues to see if they're #XmasReady.

Eight weeks left! Are you #XmasReady yet?

The decorations might not be up yet and the shops are (thankfully) not playing carols on constant repeat. But there are just eight weeks to go!

So, what have you done to get #XmasReady? If you’re like me then you’ve done very little. But with less than two months until the big day it’s time we rolled our sleeves up and faced the (cheesy Christmas) music.

To get you in the mood, we caught up with the three Money Advice Service colleagues we challenged to keep track of their festive spending well ahead of the big day itself.

Caroline Laws

I’ve really got into the spirit of this. So far, I’ve taken advantage of a 20% discount offer on two cases of prosecco, saving me £26.38. This will take care of several presents and party gifts. I also have a 15% discount at a well-known chocolate retailer, which I’m going to take advantage of this month.

Not only that, but I braved the loft and found some left-over wrapping paper I can use this Christmas.

Gary Harvey

Well the good news is the trip to Spain to see the in-laws is booked. I have to get back to work, but my wife and daughter can stay for an extra week and get a cheaper flight back, which has saved a bit of money.

A broken dehumidifier and my Dad’s birthday in mid-November has meant present buying has been put on hold for the moment. 

Nick Hill

Christmas was already well prepared last month, but that doesn’t mean the temptation to spend doesn’t creep in. Seeing all the new Christmas decorations in the shops, I’ve had to stop myself from buying some - I know there’s a large box tucked away at home.

The wife and I also decided to hand deliver the more local Christmas cards this year. It might not save much, but every few pennies help. 


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