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Extent of wedding budget blues revealed

Extent of wedding budget blues revealed

Organising a wedding can be really stressful and gets the better of some couples, with one in ten breaking up because of arguments over wedding budgets.

Nearly 30% of married couples said budgeting for their wedding was the most daunting part, according to research by Barclays, with the average wedding overspending by close to £8,000!

So how can you make a wedding budget, stick to it and avoid those pre-wedding squabbles?

Be realistic about what you can afford

Everyone wants the fairytale wedding, but fairytales are often expensive.

Unless you already have savings put aside for your big day, you are going to have to start saving and you have to be realistic.

Work out how much can you honestly afford to put aside each month and how long will you have to save for. Once these questions are answered, you will be well on the way.

Where can you save money?

Even when you have a realistic budget in place it is a good idea to look at areas to economise. After all, even with the best will in the world a budget has to be a bit flexible.

DIY weddings have become very popular recently. Things like wedding invitations, flower arrangements, table decorations and other things are expensive if you get a professional to do them for you, but you can save a lot of money if you can take care of them.

Trimming the guest list and not paying for a free bar are other great ways to cut back.

Search online for money saving ideas

Weddings on a budget have been sweeping the internet over the last few years. This means there is a lot of great information out there from brides and grooms on how they achieved a wonderful wedding on a shoestring.

Go online and search for money saving wedding tips and read some of the real world stories and expert tips and you will soon discover ways to save you hadn’t even thought of.

Stick to the budget

Most importantly, stick to your budget. If you’re not careful costs can start to spiral out of control.

This is not to say you should not spend a bit more if you do find the dream dress or perfect venue. But if you do, make sure you cut back elsewhere.

A good way to achieve this is to stick your budget plan on the fridge or somewhere else where you will see it.

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