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Despite three quarters of people considering it an essential utility, nearly a third of people have never switched broadband provider.

Five steps to paying less for broadband

From catching up on the news to ordering a take-away, today the internet is as much an essential as electricity and water. But, according to research by, we’re totally clueless when it comes to broadband contracts.

A third of people do not know when their contract expires, while one in ten have no idea how much they pay for their broadband package.

Most troublingly, over half of people don’t know what broadband speed they’re supposed to received. This mean there are potentially 13 million people paying for more than they’re receiving from their provider.

So here, we outline five things to do to make sure you’re getting the service you are entitled to and pay as little for it as possible.

What’s your (broadband) limit

How much do you actually use your home broadband? If you work from home, then you might need an unlimited connection. But if you’re only at home in the evenings, or are just an occasional internet user, then you might be paying for a lot of internet you’re not using.

However, if your family are heavy users, or you stream movies online, then unlimited broadband could save you money compared to buying some extra every month.

Pay up front

Broadband, like many utilities, is made up of several different payments. Paying off elements, for example line rental, all at once can save you some money compared to monthly billing.

You should also look out for other ways to get a discount, like switching to paperless billing, paying by direct debit and choosing a deal with no line rental.

Optional extras

Chances are the internet is not the most expensive part of your broadband package. It’s probably the TV channels.

The question you need to ask is do you really need them? Yes, you might like to have all the sport and movie channels, but how often do you actually watch them, and how much are they setting you back every month?


The best offers are often only available to new customers, but as an existing customer you are in a good negotiating position.

When your renewal is due, give your provider a ring, remind them you’ve been a loyal customer and you’ll often get a discount. If not, follow the next suggestion.


Want to get the best deal on your broadband? Then you will need to switch providers.

Get online and use a variety of comparison sites and visit providers directly and find yourself the best deal.

As switching providers often means installing a new router, you might have to live without a connection for a few days. You also need to look out for any leaving charges in your current broadband package if you’re still in contract.

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